Cockleburr Spin Boards

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About Me

I'm a software developer by day, fiendish perpetrator of spin boards by night. No, that should be frenetic producer. I make them to help pay for my son Michael's therapy.

I live in Plano, TX.

Why Spin Boards?

My son goes to Occupational Therapy once a week. His therapist exercises his vestibular system by spinning him on a spin board. She suggested I buy or make one to use at home.

After I built one, I took it to therapy so he would get used to it under controlled conditions. I thought this would help when I worked with him. His therapist admired it, and asked if I could make more. She suggested a few improvements, and I thought of some more.

I bought some plywood and started on a batch of four that evening. The next week, before I had any ready to deliver, they told me they could find homes for six!

Why Cockleburr?

From the story Shoes by O. Henry

"Why, the factory where they use them cockleburrs. Lord knows what they use 'em for, anyway! I've got the basements of both them ships out there loaded with 'em. I'll give you a bargain in this lot. I've had every man, woman and child around Dalesburg that wasn't busy pickin' 'em for a month. I hired these ships to bring 'em over. Everybody thought I was crazy. Now, you can have this lot for fifteen cents a pound, delivered on land. And if you want more I guess old Alabam' can come up to the demand. Johnny told me when he left home that if he struck anything down here that there was any money in he'd let me in on it. Shall I drive the ships in and hitch?"